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In Situ Rugged Oil-Water Interface Probe

The Rugged Oil/Water Interface Meter accurately measures the thickness of floating hydrocarbon product layers (LNAPL) and sinking layers (DNAPL) as thin as 1 mm. When properly grounded, the meter is intrinsically safe for explosive or hazardous environments like oil refineries, remediation sites, and landfills. The tape is ASME-certified and made of high-tensile steel, with a Kynar coating to protect it from hydrocarbons, solvents, and other harsh chemicals. 

Waterra Power Pack PP1

The Waterra PowerPack-PP1 provides the mechanical actuation for pumping with inertial pumps (footvalve system) to depths of up to 45m, in a fully portable, single operator power unit. Weighing just 13 kg, the PowerPack-PP1 provides outstanding pumping performance.

The PP1 incorporates tubing clamps for use with various tubing sizes, which then connect to a corresponding footvalve. A Honda GX-25 series, 0.25 horsepower, 4 stroke, petrol motor powers this device,which can run for approximately 1 hour without refuelling.

16mm & 25mm Waterra tubing is available on request with the rental of this pump including footvalves and flexi tubing.

GasAlertMicro 5 PID Multi Gas Detector

Simultaneously monitor and display up to five atmospheric hazards with the GasAlertMicro 5. Adaptable to a variety of applications, the GasAlertMicro 5 has an extensive selection of user-settable field options and is available as either a standard toxic gas model, a PID model for the detection VOCs, or an IR model for CO2 detection. Use the passcode function to prevent unauthorized modifications of the instrument’s settings. Compatible with BW’s MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system, the GasAlertMicro 5 is unparalleled in its versatility, performance and overall value.

Dual Phase Extraction Unit

DPE systems for liquid / vapour treatment, a high vacuum system is utilized to remove liquid and gas from low permeability or heterogeneous formations. The vacuum extraction well includes a screened section in the zone of contaminated soils and ground water. It removes contaminants from above and below the water table. The system lowers the water table around the well, exposing more of the formation. Contaminants in the newly exposed zone are then accessible to vapour extraction. Once above ground, the extracted vapours or liquid-phase organics and ground water are separated and treated.

The DPE is capable of running dry indefinitely and therefore suitable for running overnight for 24 hour extraction purposes.



  • Maximum Head: 9.5 m

  • Maximum Flow: 24 m³⁄hr

  • 50 litre settlement tank

  • 27 litre storage volume

  • 2" (50mm) inlet

  • 1” (25mm) outlet

  • Flow meter on outlet

  • Four wheel site chassis for easier manoeuvrability

  • Single phase 240 volt power supply required

  • 10 kva generator required if not running of mains supply.

  • 3 level switches to prevent overfilling

  • Level sensor to prevent over-filling of oil water separator / storage tanks

  • Overload devices fitted into circuit board

  • Discharge hose on ‘exhaust’ to vent fumes

  • Will pass clear water or solids in suspension.

  • The DPE is capable of virtually silent operation and running dry indefinitely, therefore suitable for running overnight for 24 hour extraction purposes.

Rioned High Pressure Jetting Rig

Water jetting will be carried out using a Rioned high pressure jetting rig. The rig is powered by a Hatz silenced diesel engine which can also be fitted with spark arrestors and Chelwyn valve if required.

Jetting relies on the erosional effect of thin but fast flowing water jets. High pressure jetting features a tool with an adjustable, multi head, water powered jetting nozzle.

The winch system for lowering the jetting tools is set up over the well.

The high powered jet is lowered into the well injecting potable water to dislodge the debris. The screen is cleaned section by section as the nozzle is lowered and repeated until the well is clear.

Well Vacuum Unit

Utilised with a 40mm tremmie pipe which is lowered to the base of the well,  the vacuum unit when turned on operates in short bursts, sucking the heavy debris up the tremmie pipe and into a pressure vessel. The residue from the wells will be discharged to surface water drainage system.

Oil Water Interceptors

3000 Litre capacity & 5000 Litre capacity oil water interceptors with JS Group's absorption and adsorption passive bed technology. Tanks can be delivered directly to site and commissioned by JS Group personnel if required.

Location of Underground Services

JS Group can supply personnel to survey and locate underground services before any major groundworks project. Using calibrated CAT and Genny devices our fully trained and accredited staff can highlight any area onsite to avoid before breaking ground can begin.

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